As name suggests it is a common English Dessert made by toffee and bananas. A sweet and crumbly biscuit base with a layer of Toffee, whipped cream and Lots of bananas.


  • Nestle Milkmaid – 1Tin
  • Marie Gold – 2 Pkts 
  • Yellow Butter – 150 gms
  • Amul Cream ~ 250 gms
  • Banana – 4


  • Convert Nestle Milkmaid into Toffee. For That
    • Remove the plastic lid of the tin and immerse it in the water thoroughly in cooker.
    • Pressure cook it up to 1 Whistle and after that let it simmer on Slow flame for 20 Mins.
    • Let it Cool
  • Whip Cream
    • Make a whip Cream and add it in piping bags or use with spatula.
  • Biscuits
    • Churn the biscuits and butter in Mixer grinder and make a fine paste.
  • Banana
    • Slice them in thin round slices.


  • Take a Pie Mould.
  • Make a thin Layer of biscuit paste around the mould and let it set for a min.
  • Open the Milkmaid Tin and pour a thin layer of toffee on the layer of biscuit.
  • Now make third Layer with Whipped Cream.
  • Do this layering very smoothly, make sure you do not disturb the other layers.
  • Now Arrange banana Slices on the last Layer.
  • You can repeat the layers as per your choice.
  • Decorate it with Whipped cream, chocolate powder or anything you like 🙂
  • Keep it in Fridge for 20 Mins to set properly.


  • You can also use Nutrichoice biscuits.
  • Instead of Amul butter you can use Desi ghee as well.
  • Toffee can be made by using brown sugar and butter as well.
    • Heat the butter in a pan, add brown sugar.
    • Mix well.
    • Add milkmade and let it simmer for few mins.
    • Toffee is ready.