Archana’s Tips

How to Get Best Results with Cardamom?

Heat the pan or tawa and toss cardamom for a min. Grind it into fine powder and store it for use.

🌟 This way you will increase the lifespan of the cardamom and also the green outer shell will be used.

🌟It will also increase the flavor in your recipes.

How to Get a Perfect dough for Perfect chapatis

1. Mix the flour with water and leave for 10 mins.

2. After 10 mins, take some cooking oil in the hand and knead the flour well.

3. While storing in container, grease the container with cooking oil and put dough in it, it will not stick to the sides.You may also choose to cover it with wet cloth while storing in Fridge.

4. Take your dough out of the Fridge 10 mins prior to cooking, it will be soft and easy to roll.

Hate sticky noodles, run them under water immediately after draining the water post boiling.

While making dough for Bhatura, add suji along with Maida and a pinch of salt. Feel the difference in taste yourself 🙌🙌

To caramelize the onion faster add baking soda during the saute after onions turn golden. This will also reduce eye itching because of onion too.