Chickpeas are wholesome food grain, full of energy and nutrition. Sharing one of my Favorite recipe of chickpea .. Anardane wale Chane.

It is made of very few ingredients , involves lots of hard work but it tastes awesome.

Serve it with Poorie, Kulche or Bhature

Ingredients :

  • Anardana – 2 Spoons
  • Salt – As per Taste
  • Mirch – As per taste
  • White chana – 3 Katories (soaked overnight)
  • Onion
  • Garlic
  • Green Chilies

Steps To Cook :

  • Roast anardana on tawa till it is fully roasted with a nice fragrance.
  • Let it cool down for 5 mins in a plate and then grind it into fine powder.
  • Sieve it well so all the hard particulars are removed.
  • Don’t throw away the remaining particles, but soak them in water for a while.
  • Boil Chana in Pressure Cooker for around 30 Mins.
  • Take a Pan and add two spoons of your choice of Oil.
  • Add anardana powder, salt and red chilly powder and mix well for 2 mins.
  • Add Boiled Chana in it and let it simmer for around 1.5 hrs on medium flame.
  • Keep on adding water as required, I like it with curry so i add lots of water but most of the water will be absorbed by chana’s during the process.
  • Cut Onion, garlic and Green Chillies as a Julian and sprinkle them on the cooked Chana.
  • Serve it with Bhature, Poorie or Kulcha 🙂